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Daniel Christian Manuel Boemle, born 1960 in a remote ugly suburb of Berne, Switzerland.
My painting-ambitions were soon clear to be seen. Today I make ends meat of it which isn't easy sometimes that's why I keep myself busy with other projects that I initiate or realize to get some additional money. That's the way it goes round here where almost every "upcoming" artist is forced to waste some of his talents on commercial work. For this reason I have already been working as a DJ on the National Broadcast DRS3 as well as being resident-DJ in various Clubs around Basel where they appreciate my groovy blend of funk and jazz. Lately I have started to establish myself as a photographer and due to this additional money I can allow myself to stay in and not mess around with the youth until four o'clock in the morning. As the painter that I am I'd like to keep the discipline to start my work early in the morning and finish it whenever a nice occasion arises to stop and go home.

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